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Why Adam? Well, just because it turns out the name of the plant is Adam’s rib. The little guy was already naked so it seemed like it was the perfect name. He is made out of polymer clay, some wire and aluminum foil. This one in particular is my pride, because he is funny of course, but mainly because it is the first model I made that can actually stand on its own. More like him are coming.

All of these are side projects that have my attention and passion lately, my sculptures (art toys?) I'm not even sure how to call them yet. So, let's say I'm an amateur sculptor and all the sculptures are made of Sculpey, a polymer clay. I love taking my silly illustrations into sillier sculptures, I'm still defining my style but this is also something that I'm not really worried about, as I also enjoy playing around and seeing the result (as I do with my illustrations). For more info or any order please, don't hesitate and send me a text.

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