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Welcome to Celeste´s portfolio. She is a graphic designer from Nicaragua but lives in Barcelona with her needy cat Tuna Fish. She works in diverse projects from branding to silly illustrations and sometimes making videos. She is very passionate about art and loves making things with her hands.


Celeste studied Graphic Design and Visual Communications in her home country but decided to cross the ocean to get more experience and expand her knowledge. She studied branding

in Barcelona (ELISAVA) and stayed around to learn more about illustration and motion graphics. She is currently working as a freelance designer and is experimenting with her personal projects, lately sculpting with polymer clay. 


This illustration is ”the artist atelier”. Skim through the elements and discover more information about her. 


There are some hidden projects that can't be shared due to confidentiality agreements, if you'd like to see them please contact her to get the password.
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