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de tin marin bejance-01_edited.jpg

In Nicaragua there is a wide variety of traditional sweets, unfortunately they haven’t use it´s potential to position them as part of the gastronomic culture. Even though many Nicaraguans consume these artisan products, they don’t have the best perception of them. The main problem is the poor presentation (both product and POS), the artisans pack the sweets in transparent plastic bags, with no tags or any information about the product and usually sell them on the streets.

This project, De Tin Marín, started as an initiative to enhance the potential of the Nicaraguan sweets and position them in the market as a traditional and representative product. A series of packaging was created based on the product features and customer needs of an applying look and ease transportation.

De Tin Marin, the Latin American equivalent of Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, was picked as the name of the company based on its cultural origins, product playfulness and catchy sound.

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